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Traditional Acupuncture in Bartlett, IL

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Carlos E. Carpintero, L.Ac.

Licensed Acupuncturist

Revitalizing Your Well-being: A Journey to Natural Healing

At our wellness center, we are passionately dedicated to guiding you back to optimal health through the power of natural, safe, and effective medicine. My personal journey into the world of holistic healing began over a decade ago, rooted in a deeply personal experience. In the early 90s, I found myself grappling with severe pelvic and head pain. Traditional treatments, including antibiotics and pain medications, offered no relief, leaving me in a state of constant discomfort. It was then that I turned to an alternative path—acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. Remarkably, it took just two treatments and a modest investment in herbs to achieve a staggering 90% improvement in my condition. This profound experience was a turning point, igniting a passion to delve deeper into this ancient art of healing.

Motivated by my recovery, I embarked on a rigorous educational journey in Miami, immersing myself in the study of Oriental Medicine. This intensive period encompassed three years of in-depth training in acupuncture, shiatsu, Chinese herbal medicine, moxibustion, and oriental bodywork, culminating in over 2,000 hours of clinical experience. My graduation in July of 1999 marked not just the completion of my studies but the beginning of a lifelong commitment to facilitating healing and balance.

I firmly believe that health is not merely the absence of disease or the perfection of physical condition at any given moment. True health is the body’s innate ability to regain balance and harmony in the face of life’s stressors. It is this philosophy that shapes our approach to your care, offering personalized treatments that honor your unique path to health and well-being. Let us embark on this journey together, towards a life of balance, vitality, and renewed health.

“A healthy person is not who’s health is perfect at any given point, it’s a person who’s body can regain balance quickly after being exposed to a stressor”

Carlos E. Carpintero, L.Ac.

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